Propelling Electronics Sector To The Global League

About us.

Vidarbha Electronics Foundation established in 2017 with the vision to give recognition and to stimulate the growth of the electronics sector. It comprises of esteemed members from electronics industry. It is an initiative set up in the spirit of co-operation.

The need of the hour is to focus on making innovative products. VEF was formed to chart a vision for the industry and recommend a suitable strategy for sustaining and developing all segments in electronics and explore concrete and implementable recommendations/action points for making the industry globally competitive. It is a non profit organization.

The Electronics industry in India is poised for high growth however there exist multiple challenges that need to be addressed to realize its true potential. Key factors among these are inadequate infrastructure, frequently changing tax structure, supply chain and logistics issues, inflexible labour laws,Limited R&D focus, non-availability of funding mechanisms, limited focus on value addition exports. Hence VEF intends to setup a Common Facility Center which will provide all the required facilities for the electronics firms under one roof.

VEF aspires to pave the way for India to become a dominant player of the electronics market in the world.